Nov 05

Live at 5 on Radio 104.5

Playing live on the radio is probably the coolest thing ever and it’s super fun. Holy Crap This Actually Happened.




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Nov 02

Radio Interview

Lots of laughing, lots of fart sounds with Andy’s hands, lots of everything that is fun. Song origins and our writing methods are discussed, the plight of a super hero’s parents (who are destined to die prematurely and then avenged by their son) is discussed. We talked for a while, but it felt like 15 minutes. Listen to the whole thing, you’ll definitely be laughing along with us

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Nov 02

Mr. Rutherford on 93.7 WSTW

After the song, Mark Rogers says a few very nice things about it

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Oct 07

this happened. and it was glorious.

random audio glitches (which weren’t there when the songs were aired) make these clips all the more beautiful.


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Sep 11

wmmr Promo CLIP!!



Listen to 93.3 WMMR all month and listen for this promo clip! if you hear it, let us know!

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Sep 03


Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 8.11.46 AM

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Aug 26



All month in September !!

93.3 WMMR !!

Screen Shot 2013-08-25 at 10.19.18 PM

Coolest Email I’ve Ever Gotten. Ever.
The band practice that followed this email was very productive. We were clanking together Red Stripe 40′s and handing out high fives to strangers.

Tune in to 93.3 WMMR All month in September to hear mentions of The Good Excuses in promos, on air, and getting played every Wednesday at 6:30 pm. We have a HUGE show coming up which we’ll announce as soon as we’re allowed to do so.

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Aug 26

In case you missed it…


In case you missed in on Sunday 8/18/13, this was the moment we went nuts.


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Aug 18

Airtime on 93.7 WSTW!!


So…this news is cool….

Between 8-10pm on Sunday 8/18…

Tune in to 93.7 WSTW to hear us get played the radio for the first time!
You could also call in or text them during and after the song to tell them what you thought and help us get played again

Text: 56221
call: 302-478-1010


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Aug 09

GasHouseRadio: BAND VS. BAND

On Monday 8/19 we go for 10 wins in a row!

We are a part of Gas House Radio’s Band vs. Band Segment! We’re back at it on Monday 8/19 and need your help to win!

Between 6pm and 9pm, listen for the band vs. band songs (usually one each hour or so. You’re only able to vote for us when our song is actually playing), and vote up or down. Stick around in the chatroom if you’d like, it’s actually a fun time. Help us win again!

Go here to Listen and Vote!


(updated 8/18)

- Friday 8/16: 9 CONSECUTIVE WINS! The March Divide have some great songs. The cool thing about this band vs. band thing is that people listening get to hear completely different genres of music sometimes. This band sounds beautiful and it was great to hear that someone is still making music like that.
“from El Paso, TX is The March Divide. These guys have been around for about a year, and they’ve already seen some success with their first album Music for Film. They’ve already followed that album up with an EP called Music for Television. The band is busy touring the state of Texas, and even reaching as far north as Minnesota. Check out to learn more about the band, their tour schedule and even a preview of some tracks.”

- Wednesday 8/14: 8 Wins!! Climbing The Walls IS A GREAT BAND.
Climbing the Walls are an indie/prog rock band out of Barnegat, NJ. They just released their first EP, Off Our Hands. Check out a few samples on their Bandcamp page

- Tuesday 8/13: SEVEN!!!! Today it was American Wolf. Really really liked this band. This was a tough one but we managed to get another win.

American Wolf are a touring Chicago band who are actually in town this week for Liberty Music Fest. They’ll be playing The Legendary Dobbs on August 15th along with Rodger Delany, East of the West and Cold Roses. Their song The Secret To Passing Through has been the Converse track of the week, and their album Myriad is now available on their Bandcamp page.” –

- Monday 8/12: 6 In A Row! Today we were up against The Royal Noise. This was some of the sickest funk instrumental songs we’ve heard. Check them out!
The Royal Noise are a retro-future funk fusion band with a hint of that New Orleans sound. They are a Philadelphia band and I’ve heard they have an amazing live performance. They got a bunch of upcoming shows from New York all the way down to North Carolina. This Friday you can check them out at The Legendary Dobbs as part of the Liberty Music Fest. The Royal Noise also has 2 EPs and 2 full length albums. Go to to pick up any of those and learn more about this band.” –

- Friday 8/9: FIVE IN A ROW! Tonight we were up against the Fireflys from the Uk. Check them out here at We have the #1, #2, and #3 songs on this week. Einstein’s Bully, Farewell Tune, and Rutherford, respectively. So grateful to everyone that’s voted so far. We’re going to be back on Monday trying to win Day 6 of 10 in Band Vs. Band.

- Thursday 8/8: You guys turned out HUGE for us. We had so many votes for Farewell Tune that it might even knock off our OTHER song that’s #1 on Gas House Radio, Einstein’s Bully. The chats during these band vs. band competition are so damn fun. Drink some beers at 5:55 and at 6pm go into the chatroom like it’s 1998 on AOL and you’re half trying to figure out why you’re having fun and half giggling at a glowing rectangle in front of your face…only to be given music from 2 different original bands that spent the time and effort writing, rehearsing, and recording these songs they care so much about. It’s good all around and fun as hell. We were up against The Thiefs from Maryland tonight. Check out their Reverbnation page here. The Thiefs

We’ll be back tomorrow night to defend our title and it’s going to be a tough one. People are out on Friday nights. Who is at their computer clicking on a big red thumb at 8pm on a Friday? I know we will be doing exactly that between songs at rehearsal, but shit man, wish us luck. If you can make it or can somehow use your phone to vote and help us get 5 in a row, you are a super bad ass person. And..may I just say…Holy Shit…the drum roll before they announce the winner makes me want to flip over my fucking kitchen table. On the edge of your seat much?

- Wednesday 8/7: First off, we were told Einstein’s Bully has already been voted to #1 on Gas House Radio. So cool! Tonight, we were up against an indie/alt rock/progressive band from hollywood named Sika. It was solid rock music…and I swear I could hear hints of Radiohead and Muse in there. Really enjoyed their music. Check them out at

- Tuesday 8/6: Up against an insanely good band from Canada named The Marvelous Beauhunks. We absolutely love the music this band makes. Check them out and buy their music. It is fun to listen to. The Marvelous Beauhunks

- Monday 8/5: Up against a really great artist named The Craig Alan Band.They’d won Band Vs. Band 5 straight times previously, which isn’t a big surprise because they are outstanding. Check them Out at

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