30 Minutes or Less

30 Minutes or Less

“….30 Minutes or Less is kind of a miracle. If this is a DIY (do it yourself) album, it’s one of the most impressive I’ve ever heard. It feels studio based, and if so, it was money well spent, boasting some really good production value. Being a drummer, the drum sound is imperative for me and…this album kicks with a real thick and full drum sound. The mixing in general is impressive beyond any local indie stuff I’ve heard in a long time. The fact that this album is up for free on SoundCloud is another feat. Music this good should not be free, but that’s the amazing thing about the day and age we live in.”  – Keegan Handley, Rock on Philly

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August 1st, 2014

Dockside @ Dave and Buster's

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9/6 Dockside at Dave and Buster’s (Philadelphia, PA)

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8/16/11 Whiskey Tango
9/09/11 Legendary Dobbs
10/5/11 Grape Room
10/6/11 Tom n Jerry’s
11/11/11 Legendary Dobbs
12/15/11 Sweeney’s Saloon
12/29/11 Tom n Jerry’s
1/12/12 Grape Room
1/19/12 Tom n Jerry’s
1/28/12 Legendary Dobbs
2/10/12 Warehouse 24
2/21/12 North Star Bar
3/3/12 The Note
3/16/12 Whiskey Tango
4/7/12 Dawson’s Pub
4/28/12 Tom n Jerry’s
5/5/12  The Fire
5/12/12 The Red Stallion
5/24/12 Tom n Jerry’s
6/15/12 Legendary Dobbs
7/14/12 Arlene’s Grocery
8/30/12 Beta-HiFi Music Festival
9/14/12 Dockside @ Dave & Buster’s Flugtag
10/27/12 Rebel Rock
11/27/12 Kung Fu Neck Tie
12/27/12 World Cafe Live
1/5/13 502 S 49th St Music Space
1/25/13 Legendary Dobbs
2/28/13 Lit Ultra Bar (Raw)
3/17/13 World Cafe Live
5/25/13 Tom n Jerry’s
6/14/13 Dockside @ Dave and Buster’s
7/5/13 World Cafe Live
7/13/13 The Still bar
7/27/13 Dockside @ Dave and Buster’s
8/23/13 Dockside @ Dave and Buster’s
9/7/13  Shady Katie’s
9/29/13 WMMR Rock Hard Sundays @ Lit Ultra Bar
11/1/13 @ 104.5 Radio Station
11/1/13 @ Hebe Music
11/16/13 @ 502 S.49th Music Space
11/22/13 @ Tom n Jerry’s
12/14/13 @ Legendary Dobbs
3/7/14 @ Hebe Music
3/14/14 @ The M Room
5/9 @ Shady Katie’s Somerdale, NJ
5/10 @ Hebe  Music Burlington, NJ
6/12 @ xFinity Live Philadelphia, PA
6/27 @ The Legendary Dobbs Philadelphia, PA
7/11-7/12 @ The Jam at The Dam (Weatherly, PA)


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